Genovese case, the “right hand” Daniele Leali hospitalized in Bali-

hospitalized in hospital in Bali, in Indonesia, for an attack of stress and anxiety Daniele Leali, the vocalist defined as Alberto Genovese’s right hand man in the arrest decree he brought to the arrest of the digital entrepreneur on charges of having drugged and raped a model aged 18 during a party organized on 10 October at his home in Milan. According to his lawyer, the lawyer Sabino Di Sibio, to provoke the attack were the numerous threatening messages received on social networks after the name of Leali, who was not investigated, was compared to the story in some television programs.

Loyal at the moment not registered in the register of suspects for any type of crime, which is why he was not detained when he decided to leave for Canggu, a small Indonesian town where he said he has work commitments. However, his condition would not be serious and in the next few hours, explains his lawyer, may already be discharged.

Still according to the lawyer, the storm of threats via social media broke out after the Mediaset broadcast on Sunday afternoon Not D’Urso dealt with the Genovese case. The presenter Barbara D’Urso was sued by Leali’s lawyer.

November 30, 2020 (change November 30, 2020 | 16:59)


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