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Without PPKM the train quota is full again, but ticket prices continue to rise


It’s expensive train ticket price still questioned by the traveler. Also, now that the Restriction on Community Activities (PPKM) implementation has been lifted, train ticket prices are still as high as they were during the pandemic.

The increase in train ticket prices has occurred since the pandemic. At that time, PT KAI said that there was indeed an increase in the price of train tickets which took effect from June 12, 2020. The increase in train fares at that time reached 30-40 percent compared to the price before the outbreak.

PT KAI said that the price increase was caused by limiting the quota of passengers that can be carried by train. The ticket price increase applies to all travel segments.

Now, the outbreak is believed to have been contained. President Joko Widodo rescinded the PPKM. This means that the trains can carry passengers up to 100% capacity. However, the fact is that train ticket prices have not come down.

The increase in the price of train tickets is still lamented by netizens. Also, the train is a form of mass transportation where it is hoped that tickets will be more affordable for the passengers.

“During the pandemic, I continued to read detik com if the price of a train ticket becomes higher because the train cannot be 100% full of passengers at that time. Right, there are rules to keep your distance. We were able to accept this, although it was difficult, because at that time there were many requirements to get on the train, including a negative condition for Covid-19 through an antigen test or even PCR, which was very expensive ,” Nana, 29, said in conversation detikTravel.

“Now trains may be 100% full of passengers, but why are ticket prices still high? Not just during school holidays or like late last year, Christmas and New Year. Prices will be high in February too ,” He added.

Nana, who can be said to commute from Jakarta to Semarang on a regular basis, hopes train ticket prices could be cheaper. She is of the opinion that train ticket prices should not follow the market, because PT KAI has no competitors. After all, trains are a mode of mass transportation that should be able to offer lower prices than other modes.

For example, when checking train ticket prices for the journey from Jakarta to Semarang in February 2023, Nana could not even find a departure ticket for Saturday and Sunday. Indeed, in another day it is available.

The cheapest prices were found for economy class and S, Q, P subclasses for Dharmawangsa trains at IDR 180,000, IDR 190,000 and IDR 200,000 respectively. The train departs Senen Station on Friday 10 February 2023 at 08:55 am and is expected to arrive at Tawang Semarang Station with an estimated journey time of six hours and 30 minutes.

In addition to the Dharmawangsa train, the train ticket prices from Jakarta to Semarang are offered at a higher price. The ticket price for seats in the business carriage is only slightly different, which is around IDR 250,000. However, there is also a more expensive economy class, which costs IDR 310,000 on the Jayabaya train. Executive class ticket prices are even more expensive, reaching IDR 450,000 to IDR 600,000. For luxury carriages, it ranges from IDR 1 million to IDR 1.3 million on Argo Anggrek and Immaginani trains.

“Even if the ticket prices become more expensive, the facilities should also be improved, the facilities added. As a customer of the railways since my university days, the additional facilities that seem really right to me are air conditioning, the others are not Is this the reason why PT KAI raised their ticket prices so high?” she said.

“Beyond that, it’s a question of food. In the past, passengers used to get food, but now they don’t have it anymore. Even if they want to buy food, it often runs out. Even the offers of regional specialties that are passed around seem mild, often not they exist,” he added.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno has realized that the high cost of train tickets makes travelers nervous. He plans to discuss this with the Transport Minister regarding fares for trains and other public transport.

“Yes, train tickets seem expensive. In fact, it is not only train tickets that are expensive. In fact, now 80% of tourist trips use private vehicles. This needs to be resolved. I will communicate with the Ministry of transportation, PT KAi and related stakeholders so they can increase safety and comfort as well as value,” Sandiaga told media in the Weekly Press Briefing, and was quoted Wednesday (11/1/2023).

“One solution is to improve the service, the number of seats available and the transport services, especially for the main destinations. After this high season, slowly this movement is more mapped out, so we can work together to increase the number of seats available so that the fares charged to travelers can be reduced.” Sandiaga said.

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