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“Windows 11 Introduces Phone as Webcam Feature, Catching Up with Apple’s Continuity Camera”

Windows 11 is stepping up its game by introducing a new feature that allows users to use their phone as a webcam. This move by Microsoft is seen as an attempt to catch up with Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, which allows iPhone cameras to replace Mac webcams.

The Phone Link system in Windows 11 will now include the ability to access recent photos or use your phone as a webcam during video conferencing apps. This feature is currently being rolled out for Windows Insiders to test, but it requires an Android phone running Android 9 or newer. To enable this feature, users need to go to the settings menu for Bluetooth and mobile devices, select manage devices, and enable their PC to access their Android phone.

This new feature is a welcome addition for Windows users who have been longing for a more seamless video calling experience. Apple’s Continuity Camera feature, which was introduced in 2022, has been highly praised for its ability to achieve higher fidelity during video calls. Now, Windows users can enjoy a similar experience by using their Android phones as webcams.

In addition to supporting Android phones, Microsoft’s version of the feature also extends its support to Android tablets. The company has made a few additional tweaks to enhance the user experience. Users will now be able to switch between the front and back camera, pause the stream during interruptions, and enjoy effects provided by their mobile mode.

While Windows 11 is still playing catch-up with Apple’s features, this latest addition shows that Microsoft is committed to improving its operating system and providing its users with innovative features. With the introduction of the phone as a webcam feature, Windows users can now enjoy a more seamless and high-quality video calling experience.

It remains to be seen what other features Microsoft will introduce in the future to further enhance the Windows 11 experience. But for now, Windows users can rejoice in the fact that they can finally use their phones as webcams and achieve higher fidelity during video calls. So, if you’re a Windows user, make sure to update your system and take advantage of this exciting new feature.


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