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“Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Take Time Apart in Marriage”

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, stars of the hit reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” have announced that they are taking time apart in their marriage. The news was revealed by Cartwright herself on their podcast, “When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany.” The couple, who have been married for nearly five years, have decided to separate and Cartwright has made the decision to move into another home for the sake of her mental health.

Speculation arose online following the announcement, with some questioning whether the split was a publicity stunt for their new show, “The Valley.” However, their representative has confirmed that the breakup is not PR-related in any way. Cartwright did not go into detail about the reasons behind the separation, stating that it is still difficult for her to talk about. She emphasized that her focus right now is on being the best mother to their son, Cruz.

Taylor and Cartwright’s relationship has been well-documented on “Vanderpump Rules,” with viewers witnessing their highs and lows. One notable low point was when Taylor cheated on Cartwright with another cast member, Faith Stowers. Insiders have previously claimed that producers of the show pressured Cartwright to stay with Taylor. Despite these challenges, the couple tied the knot in June 2019 in Kentucky, Cartwright’s home state.

The couple welcomed their son, Cruz, in April 2021, and fatherhood seemed to have a positive impact on Taylor, who was known for his partying ways. However, it remains unclear what led to their separation, and their representatives have declined to comment further on the matter. Cartwright remains hopeful and asks for prayers from her listeners, expressing her belief that everything will be fine.

As for Taylor, he has not directly addressed the split on social media, leaving fans wondering about his perspective. It is also unknown whether the couple plans to divorce. In the midst of their personal struggles, Taylor and Cartwright are set to star in a new reality show called “The Valley,” which premieres on Bravo on March 19.

In conclusion, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have announced their decision to take time apart in their marriage. While the reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, Cartwright has emphasized the importance of her mental health and being the best mother to their son. Fans of the couple will have to wait and see what the future holds for them as they navigate this challenging time.


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