Windows 10 will get a new initial setup screen. It will come from Windows 10X

The future of Windows 10X is unknown at this time. Microsoft initially envisaged it for dual – display computers (such as Surface Neo), but then turned around and decided to distribute it on regular computers in the first wave. However, we have not seen any of them yet, so it is possible that the development of Windows 10X was postponed in the same way as the mentioned Surface Duo. But Microsoft decided to “get” at least some parts from this system and add them to the classic Windows.

New initial setup screen

This week, Microsoft released a new test build of Windows 10 for Insiders, numbered 20231. In this new version, the initial setup menu has been updated, which now allows you to choose the intended use of the machine – computer for games, family, work, entertainment, etc. .


Depending on your selection, Microsoft will offer relevant initial setup items in the next steps. But whatever the Insider decides, the selected items will not be reflected in the system; so far it is only a matter of testing the new regime. Therefore, so far only a handful of Insiders have received this function, not all of them.

Microsoft has much bigger plans for the initial setup, as the video from Albacore, hidden in this build is a brand new initial setup menu design that comes from Windows 10X. Microsoft obviously plans to get rid of the blue color and give the initial steps before the first launch of Windows a more elegant design – the screen settings are bright and use color images.

We’re wondering if Microsoft will gradually move other design changes from Windows 10X to standard Windows, especially the Start menu, taskbar, and Action Center.

Associating files with applications

Another novelty in this test set-up concerns enterprise customers. IT administrators will be able to reassign the associated applications to the different file types in which to open them. End users will then not be able to change these options.

More news

  • Starting with this build, Microsoft allows all Insiders to add a Meet Now shortcut to the taskbar to quickly create Skype conversations.
  • Information about the graphics card is now appearing on the About System tab in Settings.
  • All Insideers can also try the new touch keyboard function, which can call the cursor to move in the text by holding down the space bar.

It can be assumed that all the above news will be reflected in the next big spring update.

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