Stricter rules for youth work: as many outdoor activities as possible, smaller groups and mouth masks from the age of 12

In front of children under 12 years old nothing actually changes: they still form bubbles of 50 members, both inside and out, and must not keep distance from each other during activities. With members of the youth movement over 12 years old that group is reduced if it concerns an indoor activity. Outside Teens over 12 may still be with 50 members getting together, within that is limited to 20 members.

For the group over 12 years old also becomes the mondmaskerplicht introduced for indoor activities, as it already exists in secondary schools. A mouth mask is not necessary outside. “We are going to code orange, but we are tightening up the rules further, because the situation is not evolving favorably,” said Minister of Youth Dalle. “We are attuning the rules more to how education is organized.”

Weekends and activities with overnight stays for 12 to 18 year olds can still go on, but here too there will be inside bubbles of 20 work with mouth masks. Overnight stays indoors should be with sufficient distance between beds or sleeping pads, and areas should be well ventilated. All these new rules therefore also apply to activities or camps during autumn holidays.

Generally, Primary is advised to organize activities outside as much as possible. Leadership weekends, where those present are older than 18 years, and living weeks for young people from 12 years old are not allowed. Activities with intense physical contact are also strongly discouraged outside. And above everything good hygiene is central in the organization of activities.

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