The NFC-enabled Poco X3 can deliver its E-Card-Impulse to Indonesia on October 15

SEMARANG ME – – a little X3 NFC he is cellphone With Technically NFC The version which was released in Europe last month will soon go on sale in the Indonesian market.

This information was officially announced by the Instagram account Poco Indonesia (, which reported it a little The X3 will launch on October 15th and will air around 8pm. WIB.

Poco Indonesia answers all your questions and shares the Poco X3 NFC Opened on 15 October 2020 in Indonesia, “the report wrote.

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Dingan slogan “True middle class killer”, a little X3 cellphone Those in Indonesia will be provided with chips NFC It can be used for filling Balance Or check Balance a map Electronic.

While the specifications and Technically Tell me the details a little X3 is still kept secret because the Indonesian version is the same as the one released in Europe or India.

However, when you look at the stickers on your Poco Indonesia Instagram account, you can see your back a little The X3 rear view camera consists of four lenses.

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