Will Yusef Blayly fulfill the promise of 2019?

The Algerian wing, Youssef Blayli, a professional in the ranks of Al-Ahly Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has become among the most prominent candidates to join the ranks of Al-Ahly during the current summer transfer period.

The player’s agent and his father, Hafeez Blayli, revealed that Al-Ahly is among the most serious clubs in contracting with the 28-year-old, pointing out that his client is among the interests of Pyramids, Zamalek and Tunisia’s Taraji.

Despite Blailey’s connection to the move to Al-Ahly, the Algerian player’s agent revealed about the fate of this deal, stressing that material disputes have stalled the deal until this moment, so the question would be where will the Algerian wing’s future be before the start of the new season? ..

Rebellion in Saudi Arabia:

Yallakora contacted the Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Damuk, who is close to the Ahly Jeddah team, to talk about Yusef Blayli’s future: “The player has the desire to leave.”

The journalist “Okaz” revealed, that Bliley has no problem leaving the Saudi team and moving to Al-Ahly, but a problem remains, which is the player’s salary along with the deal value.

On the other hand, Ayed Al-Dahhas, a journalist on “Jeddah” Saudi radio, who is also close to Al-Ahly team, explained the fate of the Blailey deal, saying: “Al-Ahly requested the player’s services on loan.”

He continued: “The management of Al-Ahly Jeddah rejected Al-Ahly’s offer, as it stipulated the final departure of the player in order to end his rebellion.”

He continued: “The coach of the team, Vladan Miloevic, complained about the player’s rebellion, as well as the administration sent a private plane to the player due to his presence in Algeria, but he did not attend.”

He noted: “The player, despite his recent problems, requested to return to the team again, but the management is waiting for the coach’s opinion.”

Salary Problem:

What disrupts Bliley’s transfer deal to Al-Ahly, which is his salary, due to the assurances of his agent in previous radio statements on “Radio Misr”, which was also confirmed by the Algerian journalist Ishak Chibli, journalist for the Algerian newspaper, “DZ Foot”.

He continued: “Up until this point, it is unlikely that Bliley will return to Al-Ahly because of his recent crises with his team, and I see that it is difficult for Al-Ahly to complete the player’s deal because of his huge salary.”

On the other hand, Bouiraj Benazouz, a journalist for the Algerian newspaper “El Hadaf” who specializes in professional news, revealed: “Blayli does not want to return to my family very much, but it is also difficult for him to move to Al-Ahly.”

He added, “Blailey’s transfer to Al-Ahly will be difficult because of his salary, which exceeds 2 million euros, except for the value of the deal, which will not be less than 3.5 million euros.”

Desire 2019:

Last year, Youssef Blailey spoke about his transfer to the Egyptian League, saying: “I will only play in Africa for Tunisia’s Esperance.”

“In Africa, I will only play for Esperance,” Blailey said in televised statements.

And Tunisian media reported that the Esperance administration wants to recover Youssef Blayli, who passed away last summer for three million dollars.

Tunisian press reports revealed in the past few hours that the Esperance administration had offered 500,000 euros, in addition to giving up the last installment of the transfer fee of Playily to Al-Ahly Jeddah, which was estimated at 600,000 euros, but the offer was rejected by officials of the Saudi club.


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