Will Time End Someday?

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TIME starts when universe started to be created. If the universe ends then time will end too?

We think the universe began to form when it was squeezed into a very small space. For some reason we don’t yet understand, the universe immediately started expanding – getting bigger and bigger. The idea, about the beginning of the universe is called The Big Bang

In 1998, scientists knew that the universe was expanding faster but we still don’t know why this is.

Dark energy

It may have something to do with the energy of a vacuum. This may be a new type of energy field. Or, it may be an entirely new form of physics. To symbolize our ignorance, we call this new phenomenon “Dark energy”.

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While we’re still trying to figure out what dark energy is, we can already use it to predict various ways when the universe will end.

If dark energy weren’t so intense, it would take the universe an infinite amount of time to expand to an infinite size. Infinite means never ending, and in this case, time will never end.

However, if dark energy were too strong, it would cause the universe to expand so rapidly that everything in it – even the tiny atoms that are the building blocks of everything in existence – would be destroyed. In this Big Rip scenario, the universe would not expand forever.

On the other hand, the universe will expand so rapidly that it will reach a very large size at some point. that event, when the universe was enormous and all matter had been torn apart, and would come to an end. universe will cease to exist, and time will end.

There is another way that the universe could end. This is called the big crush or Big Crunch. In this scenario, the universe will at some point stop expanding and start shrinking again.

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