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On Monday, August 10, the Latvian National Cultural Center (LNKC) will start repaying the money that the company “Biļešu paradīze” collected in 2018 as a commission fee for the purchase of song festival tickets online.

Acting Director of LNKC Sarmīte PāvulēnaMara Rosenberg

When shopping electronically, “Biļešu paradīze” applied a commission fee of 7.37% of the ticket price. The organizers considered that the trader had breached the contract in this way, and went to court. Earlier this year, the dispute ta settlement was reached, and “Ticket Paradise” repaid 76,500 euros to the state.

In order to receive the overpaid money, buyers will have to send an application electronically, in person or by post to LNKC, which will provide an answer within a month, explained Sarmīte Pāvulēna, the acting director of the center.

“Those who have purchased tickets online may request a refund of this commission within four months by 10 December.

This will require a completed application. The application form will be available at all times on the LNKC website, in the section “News“. The application will have to be accompanied by a bank payment order confirming the purchase of tickets in Biļešu paradīze online store. And then these documents must be submitted to the Latvian National Cultural Center. (..) Money that people will not ask for back jw.org en “will be directed to a social charity for the upcoming song and dance festival,” Pāvulēna said.

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