Will Smith’s wife and daughter admit to being attracted to women. They are not refused to experiment

“Twice I have fallen in love with women,” Jada Pinkett Smith admitted unreservedly through her Facebook show. Willow Smith, his daughter and the youngest of the clan, is also sexually attracted to women.

Secrets don’t exist in the Smith family, and that has been made more than clear by all its members on many occasions. From acknowledging infidelities to talking about sexual diversity have been issues that have touched Will’s family for some time.

This time, and on the occasion of a new episode of the show led by Jada Pinkett Smith, both she and her daughter, Willow Smith, They made important revelations that have to do with their sexual side and the possibility of experimentation.

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“Red Table Talk” It is the name of the program that the actress and wife of Will Smith has on Facebook, and there he invites various personalities of the show to have a chat without filters. In fact, the actor himself had to attend a session and it was where his own wife admitted to having been unfaithful to him with the singer August Alsina.


For this reason, in another session without a filter, mother and daughter talked about intimate topics, where the singer, actress and ex was also invited. Cheetah Girl, Adrianne Bailon. The first to start was Willow, 20, who said:

“I’ve come to feel like I was fainting and thinking ‘God, how beautiful she is, how talented.’

Willow Smith said in “Red Table Talk”—.

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It was there that the debate began on the evident sexual attraction that the youngest of the Smiths felt towards women.

Although the young woman admits that she has not felt in love with any woman, she said that it is something that could happen at any time: “I have had very strong feelings for women before,” he said.

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Nevertheless, Will Smith’s wife was not far behind And it is that like her daughter, she also said that at her age she “fainted a lot” because of people of the same sex. Even ensuring that “He has fallen in love with two women.”

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This is in addition to previous revelations that Willow Smith has made, for example, who has admitted “Not believe in polygamy” and also ensure that “definitely could want equal to a man or a woman.”

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A revelation that leaves no one indifferent, not even Will Smith himself.

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