Will he be stuck at the head of the Senate? STAN does not rule it out

After the first round of elections, the club of Mayors and Independents, whose candidate Zbyněk Linhart won the Děčín region as the only one in the first round, is a slight favorite for the next Senate hegemon. Both clubs simultaneously defend three seats.

However, STAN now includes both senators TOP 09, as well as independent candidates as well as people nominated for Mayors for Liberec. In addition, for ten other candidates who advanced to the second round in the Senate election, it is possible that, if successful and gaining their mandate, they will join the STAN club. In total, the Mayors have a chance to expand the club to 29 members. On the other hand, the ODS could get a maximum of 26 seats in the upper chamber.

However, even if STAN becomes the strongest club, its boss Petr Holeček does not rule out a possible compromise, in which they would eventually support the election of Vystrčil. The head of the Senate is elected every two years after the composition of the upper house is changed by a third after the election. As well as the composition of the Senate committees.

“I mean some suggestions that we will call the ODS, but it’s really very preliminary,” he said. At the same time, he emphasized that he wanted to first communicate any requirements for an agreement in the club to Vystrčil and the chairman of the ODS senatorial club, Martin Červíček.

However, it is still unclear whether he and Červíček will remain at the head of their own clubs.

Růžička: Re-candidacy? I will answer on Sunday

The news also turned to Jiří Růžička (for STAN), who in February ran for the position of successor of the late Jaroslav Kubera (ODS) against Vystrčil. Like Holeček, however, he spoke rather cautiously for the time being. “I will answer on Sunday. Now it would be wrong to say that I am thinking about it or that I am not interested in it, “said the senator.

He added that he did not consider the position of head of the upper chamber to be the only important position that will now be discussed among the clubs. “There are various committees and their chairs. These are just as important and decide what the Senate looks like, “he said. “It is a matter of negotiation. It is not one or two clubs that decides, but the entire Senate. It is necessary to take some time for it, “he added.

And as for the result of the second round, Růžička emphasized that she did not consider it clear which clubs the new senators would eventually join. He cited Michael Žantovský as an example, who advanced in Prague 5 with the support of the ODS, TOP 09 and STAN. “I can’t say it in advance, but I hope he joins us.”

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