will go to trial for money laundering • La Nación

will go to trial for money laundering • La Nación

The Attorney General’s Office reported in a statement that it filed an indictment before the Criminal Courts of the Specialized Circuit of Barranquilla, and within the limits of the law, against Nicolás Petro Burgos for the crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment.

The scandalous case of money laundering and illicit enrichment that the son of President Gustavo Petro, Nicolás Petro Burgos, is going through could be about to take an unexpected turn that would completely change the rules of the game and the possibilities of the person being investigated.

And the Attorney General’s Office has already presented an indictment that confirms that the president’s son finally refused to collaborate with justice and will continue a process without pre-agreements with the accusing body.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported in a statement that it filed the indictment before the Criminal Courts of the Specialized Circuit of Barranquilla. “The judge of the Barranquilla service center in automatic assignment will appoint the judge who will advance the trial against Mr. Nicolás Petro Burgos. “It is before this judge that the Prosecutor’s Office will present all the evidence it has in the respective trial,” adds the statement.

Nicolás’s new lawyer, Stewing Arteaga, responded to this information, and assured that both the legal team and the accused will be ready to face said letter if the Prosecutor’s Office wants it.

unexpected twist

The curious thing about the case is that the son of the head of state had shown himself very open to negotiating with the accusing body and bringing in new people involved until the visit of his father, President Gustavo Petro.

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In August, Petro went to his personal home to talk for a couple of minutes after he was released and from there Nicolás Petro seems to be quieter about his case.

As is well known, Petro Burgos was captured and charged with these two crimes after being accused of receiving around 1,000 million pesos from the hands of former drug trafficker Samuel Santander Lopesierra and the paramilitary-related politician Alfonso “el Turco” Hilsaca.

These monies had been delivered with the intention of financing the campaign of President Gustavo Petro, but, according to Nicolás and his ex-wife, Day Vásquez, these amounts were not reported to the authorities or to the then candidate Gustavo Petro, so they remained with most of those wads of cash for personal gain.

Nicolás Petro, son of President Gustavo Petro, reacted to the call for trial and pointed out that the Prosecutor’s Office has pressured him with only one purpose: to turn him into a weapon against his father.

“Today the fight of my life begins, I knew that the Barbosa Prosecutor’s Office was not trustworthy and today they showed it. They have pushed me to the limit with the sole intention of turning me into a weapon against my father. “I decided to get up and not kneel before the executioner,” wrote Petro Burgos in his X account.

For now, Nicolás Petro will go to trial for the crimes of illicit enrichment and money laundering, since the president’s son has so far not signed a principle of opportunity or pre-agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office. But he can still do it. It should be remembered that these negotiations with the Prosecutor’s Office can be done even before starting the trial; Once it is formally installed, Nicolás Petro would no longer be able to sign.

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