Why stop smoking ? Discover our 5 reasons for a healthy life!

New year, new start, right? Are you aiming for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle in 2020? So why not quit smoking? After presenting you with five health resolutions for New Year, the editorial team will pay more attention to one of them, the consequences of which could be serious. So, focus on 5 good reasons to quit smoking and start the new year healthy.

5 reasons to quit smoking for a healthy New Year

quit smoking resolutions new year reasons

The tradition, which has become super popular lately, says that at the beginning of each year, each individual takes resolutions and begins to correct their bad habits. For some, it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, for others, it is to save money and so on. But quitting is coming up more and more often. So, if you are a smoker and want to make positive health changes, here are 5 good reasons to quit smoking and spend the New Year in great shape!

1. Non-smokers enjoy better overall health

Here is the first crucial reason to quit smoking: enjoy better health! It’s no secret that cancer of the lungs, throat and digestive voices largely affects smokers. There are also dental problems and heartburn. Not to mention that smoking decreases bone density, which increases the risk of fractures.

2. Quitting tobacco increases energy tenfold

Many people testify that rejection of cigarettes helps them to catch their breath, which has a beneficial influence on body energy. It will therefore be increased tenfold and, thus, we will have more desire to move and to do sport. What is more, one week after quitting smoking, lung capacity will increase by 10%, the oxygen level in the blood increases, the body will tire more slowly, which promotes thesleep optimization.

3. Smoking Affects Your Loved Ones

quit smoking resolution new year good reasons

Second-hand smoke also affects people around you and is a great health hazard. Even if you smoke outside, your clothes and hair are filled with the smell of tobacco, which can be inhaled by your loved ones and children. And for your information, passive smoking is responsible for the premature death of 1.2 million people annually.

4. Quitting smoking helps save money

Given the fact that the price of a pack of cigarettes increases every year, it may be better to quit smoking. So don’t hesitate to drop these unnecessary fees and save money for travel, education and everything else that makes you happy!

5. Want beautiful smooth skin?

Smoking affects the circulation of blood and damages collagen and elastin, which promotes the skin aging process. This results in the appearance of wrinkles as well as loss of radiance.

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