Lyon. A young man finds himself “without papers” because of an administrative oversight

A young man residing at Lyon (Rhône), born in France in 1995 to two foreign parents, was naturalized in 2006 and therefore received his first identity card that year. As relates France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, the young man was able to renew his papers ten years later. But in 2018, the district court asked him to return his identity card.

Her sister, also born abroad, had applied for French nationality through siblings. For this request, his brother had to provide his identity card, school certificates and a certificate of French nationality. However, this last document was missing. The Lyon district court therefore refused the request and ordered the prefecture to recover the Lyonnais’ identity papers.

Challenge to the top of the state

The young man has since taken on a lawyer. According to her, it was during the first delivery of the national identity card, in 2006, that the certificate of French nationality should have been given to her client. The latter testifies to France 3 of his incomprehension: “The prefecture itself was surprised by the situation. […] I try to keep my head up when, without ID, I can’t find a job. “

His lawyer chose to refer it to the Ministry of Justice, for a graceful appeal, before possibly seizing the court. Hubert Julien-Laferrière, deputy for Rhône, also called on the Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupont-Moretti.


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