Charges for attempted murder and aggravated fire on security guard.

Agents, attached to the Homicide Division of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps, filed charges for attempted murder and aggravated fire against Sherwood Eugene Byers Jr., 36, of the United States.

According to the investigation Sherwood Byers sprayed a flammable liquid at a security guard of the Ranger American company, identified as Miguel Ángel Mójica Martínez, 22 years old, in events that occurred in front of Hard Rock Café, in Condado, during the early hours of January 1, 2020.

Then he took out a lighter and proceeded to turn on the liquid, which was still in the air, and in the direction of the injured party. The private guard received much of the liquid on his face and clothes but made an evasive move and managed to avoid being burned. The individual tried to flee but was arrested by the injured, who used an electronic control device and pepper gas, making a civil arrest.

The defendant was brought before Judge Glenn Velázquez Morales, of the San Juan Court, who found cause in both crimes by pointing to a global bond of 200 thousand dollars, which he did not lend when he was admitted to the Bayamón Correctional Center. The preview was noted for January 16, 2020.

This case was submitted by agent Carlos Claudio Lasanta and consulted with prosecutor Sheila Santisteban Soto.

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