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Why does this mummy have a screaming expression? Scientist Tells the Secret

Illustration of a mummy. (pixabay/albertr)

Hitekno.com – Found mummy with facial expressions screaming at the 1881 precepts at the Royal Cachette Deir El-Bahari. How this mummy had such an expression had been a secret for many years.

After being a mystery for a long time, finally the secret of this mummy was revealed by the people scientist who did research in this regard.

When found, the mummy was at a site that used to be where priests in the 21st and 22nd dynasties were buried. Apart from being the location for the burial of the priests, this location is also used to store valuable royal items.

At the same location, a mummy of a woman who is known to be a noble’s daughter was found. Uniquely, different from other mummies, this mummy seems to have a screaming expression.

Physically, the mummified daughter’s mouth looks open like she is screaming or crying in pain. Just looking at the shape, you will immediately feel the pain this mummy experienced while living.

Mummy with a screaming expression. (Cairo University)

Quoted HiTekno.com from The SunIt has been a long time for scientists to know why this mummy daughter of a noble died screaming. Until the latest research finally reveals the cause.

Zahi Hawass and Sahar Saleem, two radiology professors at Cairo University, revealed the cause of death of the female mummy with a screaming expression.

By using CT scan technology to scan the mummy, it is known that this mummy died of a heart attack. This nobleman’s daughter apparently had atherosclerosis affecting her arteries.

As a result of this disease appears narrowing of the cavity and blockage of blood vessels. This then made him die suddenly. It is predicted that this mummy died after experiencing a seizure in the form of crossed legs.

Mummy with a screaming expression.  (Cairo University)
Mummy with a screaming expression. (Cairo University)

Allegedly, no one helped this noble daughter when she felt the excruciating pain. When found, this noble daughter seemed to be immediately smeared with an embalmer who then kept her position the same.

Long a mystery, the results of this study seem to be good news and kill the curiosity of anyone who follows the mummy’s story with this screaming expression.

That’s what scientists explain about the discovery of a mummy with a screaming expression that has long been a mystery.

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