Health experts warn of potential danger posed by mummies.

NoOne of the most familiar of all three is mummies, the ancient method of preservation of dead bodies by the Egyptians. Dead bodies that have been preserved with various chemicals are called mummies. In the past, dead bodies were buried in this way because of the belief that there is a second life beyond death. […]

A quarter of a century ago, she charmed millions of men in The Mummy. Rachel Weisz is celebrating her 53rd birthday and she looks fabulous

You remember the beautiful Egyptian woman Evelyn from the film Mummy, portrayed by British film actress Rachel Weisz? She is celebrating her fifty-third birthday today, let’s remember her acting achievements! Rachel Weisz (53) she started modeling at the age of fourteen and became interested in acting during her studies at Cambridge University. It was then […]

Surprisingly, the CAT reconstructs the face of Ramesses II, observe its shape

Dr. Sahar Selim recently led a scientific project to reconstruct the king’s face Rameses II Using the CT scan of the king’s mummy, in collaboration with Dr Caroline Wilkinson, an anthropologist from Liverpool, England. The mummy of King Ramesses II underwent many scientific studies in Egypt and France in the seventies of the last century. […]

Mummified body of a baby discovered at construction site in Florida

Written in WORLD the 5/6/2022 · 01:30 hs – US authorities discovered the “mummified” body of a baby during carrying out works on a property in Northwest Floridalocal media reported last Wednesday. Preliminary investigation revealed that The baby’s “mummified” remains were discovered Tuesday by workers in an earthen mound, Indian Gulf County Sheriff’s Office in […]

Unique tomb with 30 mummies found in Egypt

Photo: One of the mummies found in West Aswan – – Scientists suggest that members of the same family were buried in the underground tomb for centuries. In Aswan, Egypt, they discovered the entrance to an ancient family tomb, hidden in a building scorched by fire. The unique find of archaeologists was reported by […]

Mummies with golden tongues discovered in Egypt

Photo: Mummies with golden tongues discovered in Egypt – – Also archaeologists have found green amulets and 402 Ushebti funeral figurines made of faience. Spanish archaeologists have discovered two adjacent Saiski tombs in the Egyptian governorate of Minya. Writes about it Egypt Independent. Experts claim that this dynasty existed in 685-525 BC. The secretary […]

Surprising discovery of unusual mummy, whole body bound

Peru – a mummy in unusual circumstances it was found at an archaeological site of Cajamarquilla, near the Peruvian capital, Lima. The mummy is in good condition and was tracked by researchers from the National University of San Marcos. As quoted detikINET from CNN, the mummy was tied all over his body with ropes, then […]