Why do red blood lines appear in the eyes?

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If you are a frequent wearer of content lenses, you may have experienced red veins in your eyes. Even the day after fatigue or alcohol consumption, red eye symptoms are not uncommon. This redness may appear temporarily due to dry eye syndrome, but caution is required as it may be a “corneal neovascularization” that permanently forms red blood vessels.

So what causes “corneal neovascularization”? The cause of “corneal neovascularization” is a side effect of “dry eye syndrome”. The cornea, which receives oxygen through the circulation of tears and contact with air, has no original blood vessels. However, when the eyeball runs out of tears, the eyeball creates abnormal “new blood vessels” to receive oxygen on its own.

“Corneal neovascularization” can be seen as a defensive action due to a lack of oxygen in the eye, but there is another reason why such new blood vessels in the cornea are a problem. This is because the abnormally formed new blood vessels are thinner and weaker than normal blood vessels, so they are easily damaged and can cause bleeding or oozing.

Abnormal bleeding and oozing can make the cornea cloudy, causing distortion of objects and loss of vision. Also, if new blood vessels growing from the edge of the cornea are left unattended, they are more likely to spread to the center of the cornea and impair vision.

To prevent corneal neovascularization, it is best to relieve the symptoms of “dry eye syndrome”. There is no clear-cut treatment for dry eye syndrome, so it’s important to change your lifestyle. It is advisable to refrain from looking at a smartphone or PC screen for a long time as it can worsen dry eye syndrome and frequent use of artificial tears is helpful in relieving dry eye syndrome.

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