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Why did the man open the door on the Shymkent-Almaty flight, the airline said

news-id-117724" style="display:inline;">The Fly Arystan company explained how the passenger who violated the rules behaved, Tengritravel.kz reports with reference to Fly Arystan.

The Fly Arystan company, regarding the incident on board their plane operating the Shymkent-Almaty flight, reported that after landing, during towing, one of the passengers, violating safety rules, stood up while the plane was moving and approached the flight attendants. He complained about the long wait and demanded that the door be opened. The flight attendants explained the safety rules and asked the passenger to return to his seat and fasten his seat belt.

After coming to a complete stop and turning off the “fasten your seat belts” sign, all passengers began to get up and gather. The dissatisfied passenger again approached the crew and rudely demanded to open the door. However, opening the door was prohibited due to waiting for the gangway.

“It is worth noting that the passenger did not purchase a seat near the emergency exit and voluntarily went to row 12 and opened the emergency exit. The crew immediately contacted the security services, and acts of transfer of the violating passenger to law enforcement agencies, an act of damage to airline property and an explanatory note were also completed police report,” the company said.

FlyArystan intends to conduct an investigation and hold the passenger fully accountable, including compensation for damages caused by material damage to restore the air for subsequent flights.

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