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World-famous fashion designer Issey Miyake has passed away. Celebrities from around the world have expressed their condolences to the genius designer who created the era, but what is surprising is the coverage of the overseas media.

News flashes of mourning for the death of “MIYAKE” flowed in all sorts of languages, but the one that has been attracting the most attention is the “relationship” with Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

The black turtleneck, which can be said to be Mr. Jobs’ uniform, was the Issey Miyake brand. I followed the “achievements” of two geniuses who changed the world.

  • Issey Miyake, a brand loved by Steve Jobs, attracts renewed attention from overseas media (photo is an image)

  • Issey Miyake, a brand loved by Steve Jobs, attracts renewed attention from overseas media (photo is an image)

If there was no “MIYAKE”, would there have been “Steve Jobs”? !

Issey Miyake is an international designer who launched the brand “Issey Miyake”.

There are many Japanese designers such as Hanae Mori, the late Kenzo Takada, and Yohji Yamamoto who have been active in the world, but Issey Miyake stands out with his unique “style” and is a unique presence. The news of his death was published by the media in each country, and the feature articles that were distributed one after another show that he was highly regarded overseas.

Issey Miyake, Japan’s fashion maverick, dies at 84
(“Maverick” Issey Miyake of the Japanese fashion world died at the age of 84: US CBS News)

CBS News compares Issey Miyake’s genius to the upcoming blockbuster “Top Gun Maverick.” Not only is it an unconventional design that is ahead of the times, but it is also a combination of the commercial success of the Issey Miyake brand and the record-breaking box office performance of the movie. .

Among them, the focus of the media in each country is the black turtleneck, which is also called Steve Jobs’ “uniform”. The connection between a rare charismatic manager and a genius designer has been reported from various perspectives.

“Here’s the real story of Issey Miyake and Steve Jobs’ iconic turtleneck”Among the feature articles, the New York Times has a particularly detailed analysis.

“Why Steve Jobs chose this designer’s turtlenecks?”In a long article titled , the meeting and friendship between the two, and the story of Mr. Jobs who ordered 100 of the same turtlenecks.“I have enough to last for the rest of my life”I’ve included comments and such in detail.

In the article, Mr. Miyake’s concept is“clothes for living”, and pointed out that the emphasis is not only on aesthetics and eccentricity, but also on functionality. He has succeeded in “ making people who are not very interested in fashion look fashionable ”, and Mr. Jobs is a good example of that.

Certainly, when you hear the name of Mr. Jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is the black turtleneck and denim that was “classic fashion.”

A black turtleneck made Mr. Jobsworld’s most recognizable CEO”I was impressed by the fact that he introduced the expert’s opinion that he had made it look like this, and went so far as to say, “If it weren’t for Issey Miyake’s black turtleneck, Steve Jobs as a fashion icon wouldn’t have existed.” .

What if Apple’s uniform was “Issey Miyake”…?

According to media reports, Steve Jobs originally planned to ask Issey Miyake to design uniforms for his employees, but gave up after being booed by his employees. It seems that he had no choice but to order only his own “uniform”.

If the fashion world’s “maverick” designed a “uniform” for Apple’s employees who are at the forefront of the times, what kind of style would it have been? If Mr. Jobs’ “uniform concept” had been realized, it might have become a movement that changed the times.

The habit of “wearing the same clothes every day” introduced by Mr. Jobs was also a business “strategy” such as saving wasted time and concentrating on business. Former President Obama and Facebook (now Meta) founder Mark Zuckerberg have also adopted the “uniform strategy” of wearing the same style of clothing, but it does not have as much impact as Mr. Jobs’ turtleneck.

It is said that Mr. Jobs’ black turtleneck was designed by calculating all kinds of factors such as body shape and comfort. The simple design is somewhat sophisticated, functional and comfortable. “The most famous uniform in the world” created by two geniuses will be handed down as a design that changed history for a long time to come.

Then“This week’s news English”From the obituary of Issey Miyake, who traveled around the world,“English that celebrates people and achievements”Let’s learn

World-renowned Japanese fashion designer
(World-famous Japanese fashion designer)
world-renowned: world famous

Issey Miyake, famed for his pleated style of clothing
(Issey Miyake, famous for pleated clothes)
famed for

Known for his practical design
(known for its rational design)
known for

Personally, I think that “Pleats Please”, which is synonymous with “Issey Miyake”, is a “miraculous garment” that is compact, does not wrinkle, dries quickly after washing, and is both functional and fashionable. I think it is.

When I wear it overseas, I always get compliments saying, “Miyake, it’s wonderful!” “MIYAKE” made ordinary people look fashionable, and Mr. Jobs made personal computers popular among ordinary people. It seems that the “philosophy” common to the two geniuses is transmitted.

(Rinko Izugawa)

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