“Actress Big S Reveals Past Miscarriage Before Wedding with Wang Xiaofei”

Actress Big S was revealed to have just had a miscarriage before her wedding with Wang Xiaofei. (Picture/Flipping Weibo, Big SIG)

Actress Big S (Xu Xiyuan) and Wang Xiaofei issued a statement announcing their divorce in November 2021, but it was reported the following year that Wang Xiaofei failed to fulfill the divorce agreement and owed 5 million yuan in living expenses. Big S filed a lawsuit for recovery. Still in litigation. Recently, the weekly magazine broke the news that Big S actually had a miscarriage not long before her wedding with Wang Xiaofei, and earlier she also issued a statement through her lawyer to confirm this.

[Full text of Big S statement]

As for the media reports that “as early as four months after Mr. Wang Xiaofei and Ms. Xu Xiyuan registered their marriage and held a tens of millions of weddings in Sanya, Hainan, the big S had just had a miscarriage.” Ms. Xu Xiyuan did report on March 18, 2011 Due to the death of the fetus in the womb, the pregnancy had to be terminated through surgery, so that the wedding in Sanya, 4 days later (March 22, 2011), was unable to be interviewed by the media. Because of the pain of losing the child, he suffered severe physical and mental suffering and was unable to do what he wanted. Friends from the media who flew to Sanya to participate in the wedding will forgive me.

On April 2, 2018, Ms. Xu Xiyuan found that the embryo in her abdomen had shrunk in the obstetrics and gynecology department. On April 20 of the same year, she underwent abortion surgery. On April 19, the day before, the production unit of Tencent Video’s program Happiness Trio came to Taipei to film. Cai, flew to Beijing on April 27th to record the first episode of filming, so the public saw that Ms. Xu Xiyuan was in poor physical and mental condition in the broadcast video of the program. In fact, she went to work just 7 days after she had a miscarriage. I have tried my best to cooperate The program was filmed, but the pain in my heart is hard to describe.

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On the eve of Mother’s Day, the media mentioned the reports of past miscarriages. Ms. Xu Xiyuan felt deep sorrow. She believed that female friends who experienced the trauma of miscarriages like her would inevitably reproduce the traumatic life course again on Mother’s Day. , sadness and pain, running around in the flesh and blood and it is difficult to breathe. I was worried that the report would trigger traumatic reactions from female friends who had the same experience, so I encouraged and supported each other through words.

During this period, due to the divorce incident, a lot of social resources were wasted and a lot of negative energy was brought to the society. I am deeply sorry; therefore, no matter whether she was bombed or bullied by the Internet, Ms. Xu Xiyuan did not clarify one by one, because she hoped that things could be resolved as soon as possible. Calm down, return to calm. I thought that the legal termination of the marriage between the two parties would come to an end, but I didn’t expect that until today, there are still disturbances and occupation of major media resources, which is definitely not what Ms. Xu Xiyuan wants.

Ms. Xu Xiyuan’s current life is very simple, and she enjoys the current calm and steady happiness. All legal procedures are also handled by law firms. The source of today’s weekly report does not come from Da S studio. This statement is just I don’t want everyone to spread rumors, but to set the record straight, I hope all mothers, especially those who have experienced the pain of bereavement, have a happy Mother’s Day.

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We may not be perfect, but we have really worked hard.

Xu Xiyuan Lawyer Lai Fangyu 2023.5.10

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