Who is Georg Jirasek? Iva Kubelková partner’s name long…

Iva Kubelková and Georg Jirasek

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In recent years, presenter Iva Kubelková has had no problem talking openly about her relationship, and even from time to time she does not hesitate to publish joint pictures with her partner. But there were times when the beauty kept the relationship under wraps and refused to comment on it in any way. She also blurted out the name of her partner, who was a big mystery to everyone. Who is Georg Jirasek and where did he meet Iva?

A few days ago, the beautiful presenter Iva Kubelková celebrated the twentieth anniversary of her relationship with businessman George Jirasek, with whom she is raising two teenage daughters. “20 years together! He has carried me on his shoulders for 20 years. Love, respect and mutual admiration. It sounds so easy and it’s not. Finding a soulmate in life with whom you can form a couple and create a family is a gift and I appreciate it,” Iva wrote on the social network for a photo with her partner.

They met through dad

Iva Kubelková hid her relationship with an older businessman for many years to protect his privacy. The truth about who her heart belongs to only surfaced in 2016. At that time, the couple had already been together for more than 12 years. “I saw Iva for the first time twenty-one years ago at our log house, where she came with her dad, who was a friend of mine. I still remember her wearing white sports shoes. She borrowed a horse and went for a ride herself,” Georg recalled the first meeting years ago in an interview for MF DNES.

A few years later they got together. But they did not flaunt their love in any way. It was known in the media that the model was engaged, but no one knew the identity of her love. At one time, it was believed that Iva was dating a certain Ladislav Doležal. The partners are still laughing about it today. “When I met Iva, I moved the company from Frankfurt to Dresden, and we chose the house so that it was the same distance for both of us. Me to Dresden, Iva to Prague. However, I decided to start one more company in Prague, but I did not want to figure in it. It features Iva and my brother, whose name is Ladislav Doležal,” Georg explained. “Some journalist found this name in the register of the company Agemy, found out that Ladislav Doležal is a partner in addition to Ivy, and automatically assumed that it was me,” laughed Jirasek.

Successful businessman

Georg Jirasek was born in Bohemia into a half-Sudeten family. “My mother was German, her relatives were deported after 1945, but her father had a plumbing company in Karlovy Vary and they kept him here. I left for Germany myself only in 1986,” confided Jirasek, whose unusual name is probably due to his origin.

The entrepreneur met with success early in his life and is gifted in several ways. According to the website Expres is devoted to art, is a painter, designer and also the owner of several companies.

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