How to make scrolling text on WhatsApp, so chatting is fun and not boring!


Illustration of how to make scrolling text on WhatsApp fun – Currently being viral on social media about the trend of scrolling text on WhatsApp which displays writing as if moving in WhatsApp chat.

Of course, many people want to know how to make scrolling text ‘I love you dear’ on WhatsApp but don’t know how to make it.

This scrolling text will make the writing into a pattern so that when scrolling the chat on the screen, the text message seems to move according to the pattern.

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Let’s see how to make scrolling text on WhatsApp in an easy and practical way.

  1. Go to the website of the scrolling text maker, one of which is at
  2. Scroll to the bottom then enter the “Must Waste More Time” column. Next to it is the “Again! Again I Say!”.
  3. Write the desired message and will be shared with others, in the form of scrolling text.
  4. Click the “Again! Again I Say!”. Then the scrolling text automatically changes and matches the contents of the message that has been typed.
  5. You can also set the text to scroll automatically (Auto) including how long it takes to scroll.
  6. Click “Copy Output Text”, to save scrolling text messages easily.
  7. Then click paste to the application you want to go to, for example WhatsApp.
  8. Scrolling text is ready to be sent to the whatsapp group.
  9. Copy the scrolling text in the WhatsApp message column, then send and check the results of the text, whether it’s really moving when scrolled down.

That’s how to make scrolling text on WhatsApp. Let’s try it so that the chat is more fun and not boring.




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