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Who is Fatima Al Hosani? This is the question on the minds of many, as she is considered a beloved actress and offers many works that impress people and attract many followers because of her story. fun

Who is Fatima Al Hosani?

Who is Fatima Al Hosani?

Many people around the world are searching for who is Fatima Al Hosani, and we can summarize everything related to her as follows:

  • Fatima Al Hosani was born in the UAE in 1969 on February 14, and her father worked as a sailor, and she participated in many plays at the beginning of her artistic career.
  • Fatima Al Hosani began her artistic career in 1992, where she participated in the series Al-Wereth, which was a great success at that time.
  • She was a likable actress and was characterized by a variety of roles, as she was shown the role of the young teenage girl, the mother, and the evil stepmother, and she excelled in all the roles.
  • Fatima Al Hosani is considered one of the most important members of Dubai Al Ahli Theater because of her excellence and representation.
  • The artist Fatima decided to wear the hijab in 2016 and continued to work, but under certain conditions, but soon retracted and left the hijab in 2018.
  • She received many awards and titles, such as the title of Best Emirati Actress in the role of Umm Hassan in the series “We Love them” in 2021, in which many artists participated, but she was the best among them.
  • Fatima was married more than once, including a large businessman and the other was the Bahraini artist.

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Fatima Al Hosani’s husband

Amer Al-Abadi is the current husband of Fatima Al-Hosani, a famous artist and photographer in the Emirates, whom she married after much suffering, as she separated from her first husband due to infidelity.

Her second husband was the Bahraini artist, who died years after her marriage, after which she married photographer Amer.

Fatima Al Hosani’s Instagram account

Fatima Al Hosani has a lot of followers on social media and owns many Instagram pages.

Fatima publishes many photos and videos on these sites, and this is what made her a famous artist in a short time, and she was also a lover of fashion.

Finally, we have shown who Fatima Al Hosani is, and we know that she is a fashion and beauty artist who has many fans in the UAE and other countries around the world, and this gave her a great scope for spreading.

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