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Who is attacking merchant ships in the Arabian Sea? India deployed 3 warships

The Indian Navy conducted an initial inspection of the ship MV Chem Pluto after it reached Mumbai port and said that it was attacked by a drone near the west coast of India, but where did the attack come from and how much explosives were used for it? It will be known only after forensic and technical investigation. The Navy has also made a big announcement for the security of commercial ships in the Arabian Sea.

What did America tell?
The Anti-Explosive Ordnance Team of the Indian Navy conducted a detailed inspection of the Liberian-flagged merchant ship MV Chem Pluto, which faced a drone attack in the Arabian Sea, when it reached Mumbai on Monday. Earlier, the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Defense Department, had said on Sunday that MV Chem Pluto was hit by a “drone attack launched by Iran”.

Officials said that in view of the recent attacks on commercial ships, the Navy has deployed warships INS Mormugao, INS Kochi and INS Kolkata to maintain its deterrent presence in the area. He said that long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft P8I has also been deployed.

On Saturday, a drone attack was carried out on a commercial ship carrying 21 Indian crew members about 217 nautical miles off Porbandar, following which the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard deployed several ships to provide assistance to the ship.

What indications were found in the investigation?
The ship reached Mumbai coast at 3.30 pm. Indian Coast Guard ship ICGS Vikram provided security to him on the way to Mumbai.

“Upon arrival of the ship, the Indian Navy’s Anti-Explosive Ordnance Team inspected the ship to make a preliminary assessment of the type and nature of the attack,” a Navy spokesperson said. Inspection of the area of ​​the attack and the debris found on the ship indicates that it was a drone attack.

3 warships deployed in Arabian Sea
“However, forensic and technical analysis will be required to determine the nature of the attack and the quantity of explosives used,” he said. The spokesperson said that after the Anti-Explosive Ordnance Team completes the analysis of the ship, various agencies will be involved. Started joint investigation.

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The official said that in view of the increasing attacks on commercial ships in the Arabian Sea, three warships, which are equipped with missile destroyers, have been deployed in the area.

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