Which is better: turning off the smartphone or rebooting

Among mobile device users, there are several opinions about the need to reboot them regularly. Some believe that modern smartphones do not need to be rebooted. Others believe that the systematic reboot of the gadget is only good for him. There are also such users, according to whom it is better not to reboot the device, but to turn it off. The experts explained whether there is a golden mean in this matter.


According to them, rebooting the smartphone allows you to reallocate memory. In addition, it makes it possible to more accurately determine the battery charge level. After rebooting, the device performs a mini-calibration of the battery, thanks to which its life is extended. Experts recommend doing this procedure once a week.

Smartphone reboot

Turning off your smartphone is a little different than restarting it. The fact is that during the reboot, the operating system saves the cache in order to speed up its return to work. Thus, at the hardware level, the device continues to work during the reboot. If the smartphone is turned off, all processes in its work stop. Almost the entire cache is removed from it. Turning on the device starts the procedure of deep testing of the system.

Smartphone reboot

Thus, from the point of view of clearing the memory of the gadget, shutting down is a more effective method than rebooting. However, it takes more time. Experts recommend using both methods alternately depending on the situation.

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