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When is a headache an indicator of a brain tumor? Symptoms that help in diagnosis

Written by Fatima Yasser

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 10:00 PM

Dr. Amr Abdel Aziz, a neurology consultant at Kasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, said that brain cancer is one of the most dangerous types of tumors and the most difficult to diagnose, because its symptoms are normal at the beginning of the infection, and then worsen when the tumor reaches the brain.

The neurology consultant added that there are many symptoms that appear in a person suffering from brain cancer, which are considered a warning bell for the infection and that treatment must be done quickly so that the person is not exposed to complications associated with the disease. Among these symptoms is that the person becomes irritable and tends to be aggressive, and the person suffers from difficulty in communicating. Expressing through facial signs the things he feels, and this is due to the development of the disease that may have caused nerve damage.

Abdel Aziz added that a brain cancer patient is also exposed to hearing strange sounds in the head, and this may expose him to temporary memory loss. Other symptoms also include the affected person’s hearing and vision being affected by the pressure of the tumor on the nerve of hearing and vision or the eye, and therefore the patient faces difficulty in reading. .

The doctor indicated that a brain cancer patient experiences an urgent and frequent need to go to the bathroom, and this is due to endocrine disorders.

The neurology consultant confirmed that one of the most common symptoms of brain cancer is: Headachewhich increases in severity as the tumor advances, but the patient must be careful that an increase in the severity of the headache may be a sign of high cranial pressure due to the tumor, and therefore one must pay attention to the headache and monitor the severity and frequency of its occurrence.

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