Hegazy talks about leaving the Tigers | Fiery statements from the Egyptian star about the performance of the Saudi Federation

The great and distinguished Egyptian defender, captain and leader of the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club, Ahmed Hegazy, spoke about the news that spread about the player’s departure from the ranks of the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club team in the current season.

As the player participated in his first match after returning from the cruciate ligament injury against the Iranian team Sepahan on Monday evening, and Al-Hejazi gave an unbelievable performance as he was able to obtain the highest rating for the defenders in this match. Hegazy said in statements on the Dorina Ghair program regarding the news of his departure:

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I am a professional player and I have a contract with the Jeddah Federation, and I offer all respect to the fans and the administration in any decision taken regarding me. I will achieve what is required of me, which is to return in the best possible way of myself and as quickly as possible to help the team. I will do everything the management asks of me.”

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