When I quit hormonal drugs to worry about hair loss, I fell out like a fallen leaf

/Photo = Yukjungwan Instagram

Singer Yuk Jung-wan confessed her concerns about hair loss.

Yuk Jung-wan, who appeared in SBS Power FM’s’Power Time of Choi Hwa-jung’, aired on the 14th, told the story of a listener who was obsessed with Nofu.

Yuk Jung-wan said, “My father doesn’t have a hair forest. I’m not bald, but my younger brother and I don’t have thin hair. Fortunately, my sister resembles a mother with a rich hair.

Yuk Jung-wan even got an apology from his father saying’I’m sorry’.

He said, “I heard that Nofu is good for hair loss, so I tried it, but when I washed my hair with water, it felt like seaweed sticks together,” he said.

Yuk Jung-wan pointed out that he used all the known methods to improve hair loss, such as cooking oil, olive oil, banana, and toothpaste.

He cited hormonal drugs as the most effective way. But there were also side effects.

Yuk Jung-wan said, “I got a skin disease while taking the medicine, my head hurts too much. I had a headache. I was really worried about thinning or thinning hair. When I quit the medicine, my hair fell out like falling leaves in autumn.” Revealed.

Reporter Kim Ye-rang [email protected]

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