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Recently, a netizen shared by a current nurse on the Facebook group[Explosive Commune No. 2]about the challenges and psychological pressure that need to be faced in entering the medical care industry, not only to learn to keep calm under pressure, but also how to solve the needs of patients , and quickly deal with various complex problems in emergency situations. When encountering irrational family members, high-pressure working environment, and unreasonable working hours and requirements, it is really very difficult to maintain a positive attitude, and it is inevitable that people will be discouraged. In the past, I could only relieve my boredom by drinking hand-cranked drinks, but after a long time, it caused more physical burden. Until I found that this “slim milk” can quickly replenish nutrition when I am too busy to eat. The supermarket in the hospital It’s on sale, and even big night shifts can easily buy it.

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▲ “Wonderland Blue Fiber Milk” is the first choice for medical staff to replace hand-cranked drinks. (Picture/data photo)

After the post was exposed, many netizens commented, “I live in Hualien, and I heard from my children that it seems that there is a cooperation with the school to provide school children with drinking”, “I have drank this bottle of milk. Fiber, big push!”, “This bottle of dietary fiber is really impressive”, “I saw it yesterday, and the second one is 40% off recently”, and the first bottle of dietary fiber containing dietary fiber on the market in Taiwan “High “Slim and low-fat milk” is a healthy drink choice suitable for diet control. It contains high-quality milk protein, high fiber, calcium and other nutrients, and is low in fat and burden. It can also promote metabolism, and it contains dietary fiber to increase satiety.

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▲The first bottle of “high-fiber low-fat milk” containing dietary fiber on the market in Taiwan. (Picture/data photo)

This much-discussed bottle of BODYTALK high-fiber low-fat milk has three major advantages. 1. High-fiber formula, containing dietary fiber, 1 bottle is equivalent to the amount of dietary fiber of three bananas. 2. The low-fat formula and fiber satiety can also promote metabolism and nutrition. 3. It is convenient to drink, and can easily supplement dietary fiber and milk protein when paired with light meals.

▲BODYTALK high-fiber low-fat milk is available at all 7-ELEVEN in Taiwan. (Picture/data photo)

Busy little nurses can easily take in nutritious BODYTALK high-fiber low-fat milk. Even if they are busy at work, they will not be afraid of being hungry again.

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