Whatsapp news, update coming soon: 3 new important functions

Whatsapp update coming soon (via Getty)

Whatsapp update coming soon for all those who own a smartphone with an Android operating system. The news list is really very interesting.

Whatsapp it is without doubt the most important and used messaging application in the world. Over the years it has completely eliminated it from the market Viber, which with a purple interface and far fewer features soon seemed too primitive than the green app. In the majority of mobile phones spread all over the world, the white handset is almost as widespread as the f on blue squares of Facebook and the red camera of Instagram. For this reason, every time the application is updated, many talk about it, having important effects on a global scale. Well now a new updated version of Whatsapp, which is still in Beta but which could very soon become perfected and therefore available for all devices. Upgrading to version v2.20.200.3 however, it is the prerogative of the only devices that have an Android operating system, so Iphone and Ipad users will not participate in the new features.

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Whatsapp is updated, 3 new features coming for Android device owners

According to the well-known English site WABetainfo the innovations introduced would be 3, all very interesting. These updates are in beta testing phase and therefore will take an impossible time to calculate. They are therefore, for now, obviously not available to the mass audience, having to refine all the settings first to avoid compatibility problems or crashes.

  • Catalog shortcut. A shortcut should be activated for all those chats that have a “corporate” setting. In this way, those who work and exchange files and information in real time should be able to do everything quickly and in a more intelligent and intuitive way.
  • New call button. A new call button for corporate chats should be put in soon, with new possibilities. You can configure video calls and audio-only calls. To try to better integrate the various needs.
  • WhatsappDoodles. The third is a purely aesthetic change. Anyone who uses a panel of a single color as a background for Whatsapp chats will be given the possibility to insert or not a pattern with the famous Doodles typical of the app.
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