Whatsapp goes for privacy

10. August 2022 –
In order to better protect the privacy of its users, Whatsapp wants to introduce three new privacy features, according to a Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg.

Whatsapp wants to increasingly ensure that user messages are protected from unauthorized access and that privacy is preserved. To this end, the meta company wants to introduce three new privacy features, as meta boss Mark Zuckerberg commented on in a widely published article Facebook-Post and announced on Twitter.

In the future, users should be able to determine who can see the online status and who cannot. You can generally hide when you’re online, or you can choose the “Same as Last Seen” option. Then the online status can only be viewed by those communication partners who can also see the Last Seen status. The same applies vice versa: Only the status of other Whatsapp users who have insight into their own status is displayed. This new feature has already appeared in a beta of Whatsapp for iOS.

The second innovation: Screenshots of one-time messages should no longer be possible. The fact that it was previously possible to create a screenshot of View Once Messages without any problems, which reduced the concept of messages that can only be read once, to absurdity, was heavily criticized. And thirdly, in the future it will be possible to leave group chats without informing the other participants – only group administrators will be informed.

Meta has also been testing the third option for some time. Now all three innovations should soon be available to all Whatsapp users. However, the company does not give a concrete timetable for the introduction. In addition, Whatsapp is launching a global privacy campaign that is due to start in the next few days. (ubi)

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