What to wear to a wedding as a guest

A wedding is a celebration of love, but also an important step in life. Most engaged people spend months preparing and want everything to be perfect, so your final look should be just like that. How to do it?

If you are hesitating which outfit to choose, ask yourself the following questions. Where will the wedding take place? In what spirit will it be carried? And what is the assignment?

The last question is about the so-called color palettes. Most often, it is a couple of color shades, in which the engaged couple decided to coordinate their wedding. It can be shades of pink or other pastel colors.

From left: Pants, C&A, 998 CZK. Jacket, C&A, 1598 CZK. Sandals, H&M, CZK 599. Tunic, H&M, CZK 599. Pleated dress, H&M, 1299 CZK. Slippers, H&M, CZK 1,299. Pink dress, H&M, CZK 1499

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In the event that you do not get any palettes and it is not a themed wedding, try to stick to soft pastel and metallic tones that will underline the sacrament of the event.

On the contrary, bold colors, such as red or neon pink, which draw attention to themselves, should be prohibited. Remember that the bride should stand out the most, so avoid, for example, sequins and bold patterns during the ceremony. White and other very light shades are completely prohibited.

You should approach the cut of the dress itself with the same caution. Deep necklines or mini dresses are not suitable for a wedding.

From left: Pants, s.Oliver, 3299 CZK. F&F jacket, 849 CZK. Slippers, Deichmann, CZK 799. Handbag, CCC, CZK 1,599. Pants with belt, F&F, 429 CZK. Brown jacket, F&F, 849 CZK. Sandals, Deichmann, CZK 699

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But you can wear more expressive and decorative dresses at a more advanced stage of the wedding – for evening entertainment, for which brides often wear shortened models.

Inspiration for a wedding outfit can be, for example, a midi dress in combination with interesting strappy heeled sandals. You can also choose a satin “slip-dress”, which looks very stylish in combination with an oversized jacket.

Dress from the left: s.Oliver, 3599 CZK. s.Oliver, 2199 CZK. s.Oliver, 3599 CZK. s.Oliver, 2799 CZK. H&M, 999 CZK. Shoes from the left: Deichmann, 799 CZK. Deichmann, 699 CZK. Deichmann, 999 CZK. Deichmann, 999 CZK

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Dress, H&M, CZK 1,499

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If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, you can choose, for example, a pleated skirt in combination with a matching blouse or top.

Tone-on-tone outfits also look great. You can be inspired by the British royal family.

A stylish alternative to a dress is a suit. Again, choose soft pastel shades or try beige. You can brighten up a plain look with a colorful or floral blouse.

Shirt, H&M, CZK 399. Skirt, s.Oliver, 3299 CZK. Boat shoes, CCC, 1499 CZK. Sweater, Lindex, CZK 999. Pleated dress, s.Oliver, 4799 CZK. Shirt dress, s.Oliver, 3299 CZK

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Dress, H&M, CZK 1,299

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