What to pay attention to before taking out motorcycle insurance

The Insurance Code clearly specifies the compulsory nature of motorcycle insurance. Insuring your two-wheeled vehicle is essential to be protected in the event of an accident or claim. Theft, vandalism, material and bodily damage, it is essential to choose the right motorcycle cover. In order to opt for a high-performance motorcycle insurance contract, we will guide you on the various criteria to be taken into account.

I choose the best insurance for my motorcycle

Motorcycle insurance according to your needs

Before taking out insurance for your motorcycle, you must assess your needs according to your vehicle and your driver profile:

  1. The power of your motorcycle: as with cars, the more powerful your two-wheeler, the higher the insurance policy will be. Insurers consider, in fact, that the risk factor is higher. As a result, a sports motorcycle is more expensive to insure, like quads, which are more accident-prone. The power of your motorcycle is notified on the gray card.
  2. The use of your moped: the motorcycle insurance contract adapts to your mode of driving. If you only use your motorcycle on weekends, some insurers offer specific clauses. The same is true for drivers who use their two wheels during occasional trips abroad. In this case, the company covers you for a limited period.
  3. Your driver profile: insurers also set the price of your motorcycle insurance according to your driving experience. Most companies apply a surcharge to young drivers. If you have just obtained your motorcycle licence, but have had a car license for several years, you can claim your years of driving.
  4. The number of drivers: the insurance premium is lower when there is cover for exclusive driving. If, despite everything, you decide to lend your motorcycle occasionally, it is possible to adjust your contract with the “handlebar loan” guarantee. It is triggered only over a given period.
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Note that there are simple tips for finding motorcycle insurance at the best price. The first is obviously to compare contracts and warranties.

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The different guarantees of motorcycle insurance

Insurers offer different levels of cover such as car insurance. It is necessary to analyze the different offers and the clauses of the contracts to obtain the best motorcycle cover.

  • The level of protection: generally, insurance companies offer several levels of guarantee. We find third-party motorcycle insurance, an intermediate formula and all-risk coverage. The third-party formula remains the cheapest, but does not cover the driver in the event of material or bodily damage.
  • Guarantee options: it is essential to look carefully at the guarantee options such as insurance against theft, glass breakage and zero kilometer assistance. Namely, that all of these options are included in the all-risk formulas.

Important: one of the specificities of motorcycle insurance is the equipment guarantee. It allows you to obtain compensation in the event of an accident if your personal equipment is damaged (helmet, jacket, gloves and boots).

  • Deductibles: the deductible in motorcycle insurance designates an amount which remains the responsibility of the insured after compensation. There is the relative motorcycle franchise and the absolute motorcycle franchise. The first estimates a threshold beyond which you will be compensated. The second corresponds to an amount deducted from the amount of compensation. In addition, you can opt for motorcycle insurance without deductible with a necessarily higher contribution.
  • Warranty exclusions: each motorcycle insurance contract includes a certain number of warranty exclusions. Insurers define and set them freely. They correspond to situations not covered by the insurer. Generally, the exclusions in motorcycle insurance are:
  • Claims due to driving while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics
  • Hit and run following an accident or a collision
  • Intentional accidents
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Make sure you have chosen the right insurer to be well protected in the event of a road accident, whether it is a claim on the motorcycle or a more serious injury for the driver… because all contracts do not provide for the same compensation in the event of an accident with driver cover. Also note that you have obligations, such as having your “green butterfly” which certifies that you are insured glued to the motorcycle.

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