Spectacular rescue of firefighters in New York: the fire caused by a scooter battery

At least 38 people were injured in a fire Saturday in New York that may have been caused by a lithium-ion battery like those in scooters, city officials told US media.

Two people are in critical condition and five others were seriously injured in the fire that occurred in an apartment building on East 52nd Street in Manhattan, CNN television reported, quoting New York Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh.

The city’s fire chief, Dan Flynn, assured him that it was almost the 200th fire caused this year by the lithium-ion battery of a small electric mobility device (electric bicycle, scooter, scooter, skateboard , etc.).

“We’ve had six deaths this year just from these batteries that power micromobility devices,” he told CNN.

Authorities believe the fire may have started from an apartment where its occupant was repairing bicycles, Mr Flynn added.

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