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What horror show is this? Oh Nana ruined the game again… But Ten Haag was covered | Goal.com Korean

[골닷컴] Reporter Kim Hyeong-joong = Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United) goalkeeper anxiety continues throughout the season. Andre Onana, who was brought in after parting ways with David de Gea at the end of last season, became the main culprit in reducing the points this time.

Manchester United drew 3-3 with Galatasaray in the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League Group A away game on the morning of the 30th. They took a two-goal lead twice, but ended up getting an equalizer and lost the victory they had hoped for. As a result, Manchester United has only 4 points from 5 games, raising the possibility of failing to advance to the round of 16.

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In the 29th minute of the first half, when they were ahead 2-0, they were hit by a free kick from Hakim Ziyech. Nana Oh was caught in a reverse move and contributed the goal. In the 17th minute of the second half, when they were leading 3-1, Ziyech conceded another goal. This time, Oh Nana had a major accident that she couldn’t catch properly and gave up a ridiculous goal.

Onana, who moved to Manchester United last summer, continues to show uneasy form this season. Although his ability to save is excellent, he often makes unexpected mistakes that make fans’ hearts pound. This kind of behavior occurs both in the league and in European competitions and is a large part of Manchester United’s defensive anxiety. There were even rumors in England that Manchester United was trying to bring back De Gea, whom they parted ways with last summer.

Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes also lost strength due to these repeated mistakes. In an interview immediately after the Galatasaray game, he bitterly said, “Oh, I know how to handle a situation like this. He needs to do better on the pitch.” He was also frustrated, saying, “We are probably the team that has given up the most goals in the Champions League.”

As Fernandez said, Manchester United scored 14 goals in 5 Champions League games this season. Conceding close to 3 runs per game. This is tied for second place in most goals conceded, following Group H’s Antwerp (15 goals conceded). This is the most goals conceded among English teams in the Champions League.

However, Manchester United head coach Eric ten Haag protected Onana. He told Forbes: “Our defense is not good enough right now. When it’s 3-1, you can’t afford a mistake. It makes a big difference. We were winning but we lost a point. It was the same at home against Galatasaray. “It was the same in the Copenhagen expedition,” he said, frustrated. However, he said, “Onana is fine. It is not a personal problem. Of course, in soccer, personal mistakes have big consequences and you have to take responsibility. However, this is a team problem. It is my responsibility and it happened within our project.” The criticism was wary.

Meanwhile, for Manchester United to advance to the round of 16, they must win the final match against Bayern Munich in the group stage, and Galatasaray and Copenhagen, which are held at the same time, must record a draw. The road that used to be easy to follow has become very difficult.

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