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Today (30 November 2023) Dr. Thongchai Keerati Hatthayakorn Acting Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that the World Health Organization has set December 1 of every year. It’s World AIDS Day. To campaign to raise awareness of the importance of AIDS prevention. Accept and understand people living with HIV around the world. And this year the concept was set to be “Let Communities Lead” focusing on participation from all sectors. in supporting communities, organizations, and groups Especially youth play an important role in raising awareness of prevention. and is an important part in driving which will lead to ending the AIDS problem.

Youth are one of the target groups that the Department of Disease Control gives importance to. With the HIV situation in Thailand, in 2022 it is expected that there will be 9,230 new people infected with HIV, of which 4,379 people are in the age group 15-24 years, accounting for half or approximately 50 percent of those infected with HIV. All Ivy The most common cause is unsafe sex. It was found that the age group 15-24 years had a condom use rate of only 80 percent the last time they had sex and used condoms regularly every time with their boyfriend and girlfriend. Less than 40 percent of lovers

Dr. Thongchai He further said that Department of Disease Control together with network partners Carry out important policy work to support all target groups of people to receive comprehensive prevention, examination and care services. So I invite everyone. Especially the youth group Join the campaign to make condom use normal. “Keep condoms handy, use them every time, with everyone, every channel.” Condoms can be obtained free of charge at government health services and civil society organizations across the country. and invite HIV testing to be normal Every Thai person has the right to get free HIV testing twice a year at every hospital under National Health Insurance. You can also get a free HIV self-test kit at the hospital. Government health service units, private sector, civil society sector As well as pharmacies that join as service units in the NHSO system through the Paotang application in the Health Bag menu. If the test results are found to be infected with HIV You should enter the treatment system immediately. Free treatment for all treatment rights. Early treatment reduces the chance of illness from opportunistic infections. make you healthy Live in society normally

This World AIDS Day 2023, the Department of Disease Control has received cooperation from the Youth Institute of Thailand. Children and Youth Council of Thailand Join in being an important force in driving forward by posting and forwarding campaign messages all over the country. It is a symbolic display to raise awareness of prevention. And using condoms is normal. HIV testing is normal. which is considered a good opportunity that all sectors will come together to support the World AIDS Day campaign, you can post or share the post To forward campaign messages on social media By following campaign activities on the Facebook fan page. Division of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Facebook fan page Safe Sex Story tells stories about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. For more information, call the Department of Disease Control hotline, call 1422.


Information from: Division of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Risk Communication Bureau, Department of Disease Control

November 30, 2023

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