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What happened to Adriana Fonseca, the star of Mexican soap operas – Publinews – 2024-02-21 21:44:21

Adriana Fonseca She is one of the actresses most loved by the public today.and at 44 years old she is remembered as one of the great stars, so here we share with you what became of her, as well as what she is doing now, since she has continued in the spotlight.

The beginnings of Adriana Fonseca

It was the face of The Herald of Mexico in 1998, thus marking the beginning of his career. She made her debut as an actress in the telenovela Pueblo Chico, Hell Grande.

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In that same year, in 1998, he participated in The usurper and then star Friends forever in the year 2000.

At that time it was positioned as one of the public’s favorites, thanks to his charisma and talent.

Something that caught our attention is that she had to leave the soap opera, in which Belinda also participated, due to various problems.

His path through acting

He got his first leading role in 2001 in the mini-soap opera titled Pretty Woman, where he shared the stage with René Strickler.

In 2003, he took on the antagonistic role in Marian of the nightand in 2005 she played Sandra in Against the Wind and Tide, sharing credits with Azela Robinson, Marlene Favela and Sebastián Rulli.

In 2007, starred in the soap opera in Miami Under the reins of love, produced by Ignacio Sada Madero, alongside Gabriel Soto, Adamari Lopez and Toño Mauri.

Other soap operas in which he participated were Brave heart, Rosalinda and Droplet of love.

What are you currently doing?

In 2021, had a special participation in My fortune is to love youalong with David Zepeda, thus marking his return to television.

She emphasizes that for several years she has been away from the spotlight, although in recent months she has been noticed on social networks, due to a couple of controversies.

First he pointed out that was harassed by an Uber driver, and on the other hand it also revealed that In his search for job opportunities in Hollywood, he was unsuccessfulas she argued that they did not believe she was Mexican.

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