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Le Figaro: Why the inevitable Biden-Trump duel is worrying – 2024-02-21 21:45:45

At France, η Le Figaro reads: “Biden – Trump: The inevitable duel that drives America to despair”. Americans are worried about a possible race between Biden and Trump for the White House, in which the two men face problems, one from his age and the other from his legal adventures, in a context of political impasse in the country. At Liberation we read: “Israeli hostages: behind the scenes of the Doha negotiations”. The lives of Hamas hostages are being negotiated in Doha.

In Germany, The world reads: “Julian Assange: Last ditch effort to avoid extradition to US”. The court case in London is the last chance for the Wikileaks founder to appeal. THE Daily Mirror reads: “A woman against Putin.” The widow of the slain Kremlin critic has announced that she will continue her husband’s campaign.

At BritainThe Guardian writes: “The ‘Martha’s rule’ is adopted in 100 hospitals in England”. Patients participating in the program will have 24-hour access to a team of doctors and nurses at the hospital, who specialize in caring for patients with deteriorating health.. In Daily Telegraph we read “Prince William wants to see ‘end of war in Gaza as soon as possible'”. Prince William shared his concern about Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

At USAthe USA Today it’s headlined today: “Donald Trump Surpasses Nikki Haley in South Carolina Poll.” Donald Trump is expected to edge Nikki Haley on Saturday, February 24 in the South Carolina caucuses, according to an exclusive Suffolk University poll for the newspaper.

In Italythe Corriere della Sera reads: “Moscow to give explanations”. Italy’s Foreign Ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador to explain the death of Alexei Navalny.

In Spainthe The country writes: “Wife Assange: ‘The world is watching'”. Hundreds of people gathered in London in support of the founder of Wikileaks.

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