Wenger offers himself to Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has put his name on the table for Arsenal’s bench. The legend of the ‘gunners’ has granted an interview to NBC Sports, in which he spoke about the current situation of the club he directed for so many years and has not ruled out the possibility of returning to sit in the Emirates wing. “If you need me I will help you“, surprised the French.

Yes, adds that he does not believe that will happen and admits that he is still frustrated by how he left the entity, which he trained from 1996 to 2018. However, he seems to have taken a giant step towards forgiveness: “Time is a good doctor, you know?“.

Still, the years Wenger gave Arsenal give him a magnificent lineup for a possible comeback. The coach won three Premier League and seven FA Cup during his tenure. He also led Arsenal to a Champions League final. And, above all, it has an impeccable track record, which gives you experience with the new Mikel Arteta.

In addition, Wenger follows Arsenal news very closely and often comments on it through the media. On TalkSport, for example, he praised Arteta’s future: “He had a great passion for the game and a lot of motivation. A focus and desire to get it right. There were the ingredients: he had control and influence over the rest of the players. “

Although the French coach was surprised by how his arrival took place: “He is lucky that he immediately entered a great club, in a position in which you normally have to work ten years to reach it. Because of how he played at the club and because of how good a player he was, his opportunity came. I wish him well“.

Now, months later, Wenger steps forward and makes a declaration of intent. Arteta’s project does not seem to work and the English press is already speculating with a possible dismissal if the situation is not reversed soon. Meanwhile, the best coach in the history of Arsenal sends a message to the board, even without faith of being reciprocated.

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