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Welcoming the Poco F4 5G Next Week, This is a Flashback of the Poco F Series in Indonesia

Selular.ID – The launch of the Poco F4 5G is drawing near. The latest rumors say the phone will be introduced next week, June 23, 2022 to be exact.

While waiting for the arrival of the latest ‘flagship killer’ from Poco, let’s look back at the company’s actions in Indonesia.

The name Poco immediately skyrocketed in the country when the company brought its first product, F1, to Indonesia, last 2018.

He is the former Country Director of Xiaomi Indonesia, Alvin Tse, who at that time led Poco Global, and brought the brand to the archipelago.

Since the presence of the Poco F1, the Indonesian smartphone market seems to be in turmoil.

Carrying the flagship killer tagline, the specifications and price of the Poco F1 at that time were indeed very surprising.

Usually, the company’s superior products perform optimally, starting from the best processor, RAM with the largest capacity, the sharpest camera sensor, to the adoption of the most recent technology.

Because it is the foremost, this flagship is usually priced at exorbitant prices.

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The Poco F series is present in Indonesia starting from the Poco F1 which when launched in Indonesia in 2018 immediately broke the market for being a smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor at the most affordable price.

The presence of the Poco F1 quickly made the Poco brand popular among technology enthusiasts and young people who are FOMO and don’t miss the latest on everything.

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The Poco F2 Pro was released two years later in 2020 and is the most affordable smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor on the Indonesian market.

The Poco F2 Pro is also the first Poco ‘flagship’ smartphone to support 5G networks.

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It doesn’t stop there, Poco presents the Poco F3 which is called the ‘Flagship Killer Reborn’ because it has sophisticated specifications with extreme performance without compromise.

This smartphone with a choice of 6GB/128GB RAM storage configuration and 8GB/256GB RAM is present in Indonesia in early 2021.

Until now, the Poco F series smartphones still have a lot of fans and good selling points.

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Since Poco was present as a smartphone brand that was independent from its old brand, Xiaomi in 2021, Poco has appeared more flexible.

“The Poco F series is our masterpiece because this series has the most extreme specifications for its price compared to other smartphone products in its segment. This strategy makes the Poco F series not intended for everyone, but tech enthusiasts who want this smartphone,” said Andi Renreng, Head of Marketing for Poco Indonesia.

“In 2022, Poco will again present the latest Poco F series smartphone, which is ready to hit the Indonesian market fearlessly. Wait for the presence of this latest smartphone in Indonesia in the near future,” Andi teased closing.

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