Welcoming Indonesian Game Day, Tokopedia Shares 5 Selected Local Games

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Tokopedia together Kemenparekraf (Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy) collaborate to welcome Indonesian Game Day on August 8, 2021. This collaboration comes with the #BeliGameLokal campaign which runs from August 2 to 8, 2021 as part of the series of Pareekraf Game Prime 2021 Online.

“Through the #BeliGameLokal campaign on Tokopedia, fans game can enjoy various attractive promos for purchasing vouchers game at the same time encouraging the distribution of the creative economy digitally,” said External Communications Senior Lead Tokopedia, Ekhel Chandra Wijaya in an official statement received, Tuesday (3/8/2021).

In addition, Tokopedia as one of the digital platforms that supports the #BeliGameLokal campaign, offers various added values ​​to fans game local, such as discounts of up to IDR 100,000 using the promo code GAMELOKAL.

“Tokopedia hopes that the presence of the #BeliGameLokal campaign can inspire more local game developers to innovate so that they can be better known as well as invite the public to be more proud of products and works made in Indonesia,” said Ekhel.

Not only presenting promos, Tokopedia also recommends five game local people participating in the #BeliGameLokal campaign. What are those games? Here is the complete list:

1. DreadOut 2 : Game which was released in February 2020, is set in an Indonesian horror story about a group of students trapped in a haunted school. DreadOut 2 is a continuation of the first series which was released in 2014 and was made into a feature film in 2019.

2. Coffe Talk : game Made by studio Toge Productions, which was released in June 2020, it managed to become one of the nominees for the global game industry award, the 24th DICE Awards. In this game, players can find typical Indonesian drink recipes, such as Teh Tarik, STMJ, to Turuk ginger.

3. Ghost Parade : As the title says, game which was launched in November 2019 carries a ghost theme. Developed Lantern Studio with publisher Aksys Games, this game offer artwork and attractive design.

4. MagiCat : Inspired by game retro 16-bit era, MagiCat features cute magical cats going on adventures. This game made by the developer of Rembes Cats offers unique battles at each level.

5. Escape from Naraka : Game which will be released in July 2021 for Indonesia and Asia with the theme of Balinese mythological culture. This game made by Xelo Games from Yogyakarta requires players to go through various stages in a scary temple.

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