We will closely follow the results of the Erdogan-Zelenskiy meeting

Speaking to journalists about President Erdogan’s meeting with Zelenskiy in Turkey, Peskov said, “Of course, we will follow the results of the meeting very closely. Our constructive partnership relations with Ankara continue. We value these relations and feel reciprocity from the Turkish side. For this reason, we will of course wonder what will be discussed between Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Zelensky. This is important,” he said.

Stating that President Erdogan has made great efforts to resolve the Ukraine issue, Peskov said, “Erdogan has repeatedly made great efforts to resolve various problems in the context of the Ukraine conflict, played the role of mediator, and this role was highly appreciated by Russian President Putin.”

Putin-Erdogan meeting

Stating that they do not ignore a future contact between Putin and Erdogan, Peskov said that they will inform as soon as a date is determined.

Evaluating the possibility of negotiation between Russia and Ukraine, Peskov stated that the Russian side has never closed the door to the negotiation process at various levels, including the highest.

“But so far we do not see any hope for this negotiation process,” Peskov said.

Pointing out that Russia can achieve its goals in different ways, Peskov argued that political and diplomatic means cannot be used at the moment due to Kiev’s refusal and Washington’s reluctance.

When asked about the whereabouts of Wagner’s founder, Yevgeny Prigojin, Peskov said, “I can’t say anything. We do not have any information on this subject. “I have nothing to add to what we have said before,” he said.

Peskov had previously stated that the Kremlin does not follow Prigojin and has no desire for it.

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