News We still don't know if Bradley Beal will play...

We still don’t know if Bradley Beal will play in Orlando


A week ago Bradley Beal spoke about his decision to resume the season

“It’s hard. We want to be safe, but we also want to resume and replay basketball. We want to make money, but we want to send a message. There are so many things we are trying to do. It is complicated. We signed up to play basketball. We signed up to be away from our families. This is what accompanies this job. […] It’s not a walk in the park and that’s what worries the guys. There are many things we cannot do. ” Beal

According to Scottt Brooks a final decision has not yet been made. However at the moment the plan is that he goes to Orlando (the departure is tomorrow for Washington) and the franchise will see once there if he is in a condition to play and if there is a risk. It will be a matter of physical condition.

“We will not put our players at risk if they are not ready to play an NBA game.” Brooks

Remember that the Wizards will also be deprived of Davis Bertans and John Wall. In Orlando Washington will find it difficult to hang on to the playoffs since they are 5.5 games behind Orlando and it will be necessary to come back to at least 4 games, and then win the 2 play-offs.


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