“We have a serious problem,” says a senior health official

The rapid increase in the rate of contamination with the new coronavirus in the southern United States is a “serious problem“Warned Anthony Fauci, director of the United States Institute of Infectious Diseases on Friday.

«We have a serious problem in some areas“Dr. Fauci, the US government’s most listened to pandemic expert, said at a press conference by the White House Coronavirus Crisis Team after Vice President Mike Pence tried to reassure the Americans about the current situation.

He called young people in particular to individual responsibility, stressing that they lived in a society “interconnected»: «If you are infected, you will infect someone else, who will infect someone else». «And in the end, you will infect someone vulnerable, it can be a grandmother, a grandfather, an uncle in chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or a child with leukemia“, he said.

At the same press conference shortly before, Vice President Mike Pence tried to reassure the Americans about the current situation, saying it had nothing to do with the start of the pandemic in northeastern Canada. countries in March and April. “About half of the new cases are Americans under the age of 35, which is encouraging newsSaid Mike Pence.

«We are in a much better position. The truth is that we slowed down the transmissions, we flattened the curveSaid the vice president. He called on young Americans to follow the instructions for physical distance and hygiene, but he did not quote the wearing of the mask. He later defended the organization of campaign rallies by President Donald Trump on behalf of the “freedom of expression».

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