We go against everything

We go against everything

The massive arrival of Republicans to write the constitution is a project that was stillborn.

It makes us return to a near past that hurts us and the world understands.

Chile is trying with dignity to navigate the beginnings of the third millennium to overcome countless debts between fundamental rights, with an economic model that is sustained by profit, profit, inequality and poverty. Serious matters don’t go that way.

We haven’t won anything

The majority will of the Chilean people provided a list of needs postponed for so many years for a response in keeping with the times, when those October days were passing and nothing happened.

There were some who missed a great opportunity to straighten the course of a country that is in trouble and who today wander around recounting battles they never won. There are also the cats that got the chestnuts for the old political class, and the right next to the business groups, banks and finance companies.

It is extremely difficult to move forward a country with a biased, exclusive constitution that denies consecrated rights that come long before the French Revolution. The extreme right and those close to it deny the value of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Pinochet’s sons, Jarpa and Guzmanes deny granting rights to women, they consider them soulless people. They are only there to procreate, this is what their God commands and Escrivá de Balaguer subscribes to it. Once again reason and knowledge confront dogmas. The Republicans and those close to them are something like the Taliban summary of collar and tie.

Chile is a secular state

The imposition of a single truth is not acceptable. Nobody wants to return to the times of Mussolini/Hitler, or the Popes, it is simply urgent that the educational model, culture and transmission of knowledge be open to debate, to creation so that the free-thinking man can continue to be a creator without being interrupted. So that science and its researchers are not thrown into the eternal bonfire.

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It is unacceptable to give value to Goering who proclaimed that the word culture forced him to take up his gun. There is more of that in the Republican proposal.

Sustainable is that the purpose of the State has the meaning of the common good. This implies that conquered rights are the heritage of man with his legitimate right to exercise them and when they are denied, it is also necessary to do so from the streets and the public square, it is also legitimate to go further as well.

The extreme right and the right with its coup history ignore that Chile has a past from before the arrival of the Spanish. For them, the native peoples are a fable and legends for the schools. Civilization is white and of the whites, that is the reason for the Kast and followers to endorse and justify the genocide committed by the Germans between 1940-1945.

“Half a century of thick, insurmountable impunity, in which an all-powerful dictatorship and its servile media denied the deaths, staged false confrontations, invented purges between left-wing groups, or attributed the horror to common crimes or an imaginary war. “Daniel Matamala. “Column of Fear”.

Any proposal that defers to man and his rights constitutes a legal aberration in its entirety and that is why its rejection is fair in the fair and obligatory democratic exercise. Against, then, it is the necessary flag to raise to prevent the maintenance of misery over time. The cruel prolongation of a country mired in underdevelopment when others have already overcome their dependence.

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The woman is the one who owns her body and her desires, it is to her that the State must grant rights and fair conditions to help save her. The numbers of raped girls under fourteen years of age in Chile is simply an overflow of rationality. No one can force a girl to support herself with violent sexual assault. Republicans consider that rapes are just acts, which reaffirms their questioning of the right to abortion on three grounds.

A country as drawn by the right and its extreme is not acceptable, on the contrary, new paths and other alternatives are opening up to bring back common sense and the demands that are expressed from the streets. Against is the alternative under the mandatory voting system. In all these matters we must never forget that there will always be different alternatives, no one has buried the general strike, nor have we moved the wheels of history forward under all forms of struggle.

These are not times for dalliances or personal tastes. If it is confirmed that the leadership is weak, then the feeling that social peace is in danger must necessarily return. All feminine power must necessarily occupy Santiago and the streets of Chile. Teachers must return to defend public education.

Nothing more fundamental than starting a pension system different from the one that currently exists. It cannot be accepted that it is the workers who make it possible to maintain a system that simply mistreats them and plunges them into the pit of oblivion upon reaching retirement. They cannot become inhabitants of the burrowing altars so that economic groups of the most varied types continue to plunder millions of Chileans.

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The opinions of the right and its extreme are not at stake here, we simply do not accept their proposal because of Chile’s own memory and since its beginnings. The Santa María School in Iquique, La Coruña, Ranquil, the massacre of residents in José María Caro in Santiago or those in the city of Puerto Montt.

It is history, all that legacy full of convictions is not recognized nor is it expressed in the petty and classist ideology of the extreme right and those close to it.

The possibility of hitting the table is closer to the treat they proposed. The birds that settled on their heads as if they were a laurel wreath did not last long. They must go look for their stubble in the fire of history.

And they must know: that history is ours and it is made by the people, regarding the fifty years as the man with the thick glasses said in those claimed hours.

By Pablo Varas

The opinions expressed in this section are the responsibility of the author and do not necessarily represent the thoughts of the newspaper El Clarín

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