We are ready for a successful season, says Baník captain Jan Laštůvka. He would cancel the superstructure

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“The preparation was really specific. Many of us have never experienced such. But we met it to the letter and we are ready for a successful season, “said 39-year-old Laštůvka.

What was the summer like under the leadership of the coaching triumvirate Ondřej Smetana, Jan Baránek Jr. and Tomáš Galásek different? “I don’t want to go into detail about it, it was just different than we used to. We ran a lot, for example, and I expected some reactions from the boys, but they showed character, but no one squinted in any way, “Laštůvka pointed out.

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“I completed some trainings with the team and it was really specific. But we know that fans will forgive us defeat only if we leave the match by the ass. In some matches last season, that was not the case and we are aware of that. The preparation was not a walk, but we will only see on the field if the preparation was really so hard, “laughed the goalkeeper Baník.

Coach Weber’s wish is to play with Karvin’s middle group

Before the start of the season (on Saturday, July 24, at 4 pm on the Jablonec field), Baník did not announce specific goals. He would like to finish the season in which he celebrates the club’s centenary in the top six. “We finished eighth last time, I believe we will be better now. We were pushed a lot by the shoe in the attack, we didn’t score enough goals. But the boys who have goal numbers came, either Buda (Lukáš Budínský) or Jirka Klíma. And now it looks like you sat down. In the general in Zabrze (3: 1) it was played in great heat, and yet we showed that we are physically good at it, “Laštůvka pointed out.

He had something to say about the arrival of Lukáš Budínský from Mladá Boleslav, because he knows the 29-year-old offensive midfielder from his work in Karviná. “When the coaches asked me about him, I was clearly in favor. He can score right and left, he can kick standards, he can score beautiful goals, which he showed in the first preparatory match (he gave Prostějov two goals). Maybe he will do well in the league, “the Ostrava captain wished.

Last season, Laštůvka caught ten net accounts. He has a total of 78 of them in the league in eight seasons. “I’m not watching this at all. Zero is not my primary goal. If we win 4: 3 I will be happy, because there are three points and the progress in the table higher and higher. There is only one point for 0: 0, and that is not enough, “Laštůvka pointed out.

After a one-year break, the league returns to the format with a superstructure. The seasoned goalkeeper, who, in addition to the Czech league, also caught in Germany, England and Ukraine, does not welcome her. “I am fundamentally opposed. Last year’s system with eighteen teams would be better. The superstructure didn’t catch the players and I don’t think the fans either, “Laštůvka pointed out.



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