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We are better, believes Ghent coach. According to him, Liberec plays typical Eastern European football

Although the Ghent footballers have lost four of the last five matches, their coach Wim De Decker does not lack confidence in Thursday before the 1st round of the basic group in Liberec.

The coach is convinced that the Belgian team has better players than the opponent and counts on three points. He was also advised by defender Michael Ngadeu, who moved to Ghent from Prague’s Slavia last summer.

“We saw a lot of records from Liberec matches and we have an idea of ​​their team and game. The opponent plays a typical Eastern European football that we saw in the team from Kiev. But this team is definitely stronger than our opponent tomorrow,” De Decker told a news conference. , whose team lost twice to Dynamo Kyiv in the 4th preliminary round of the Champions League and joined the European League group.

“We have a strong team, better players than the opponent, we have every player position doubled. Our players are technically capable, we want to be tough and we will lead them during the match. We expect to leave Liberec with three points, and with this vision we go tomorrow to match, “added the 38-year-old coach.

He also turned to the former glorist Ngadeu with preparation. “We have information from him. He played for Slavia and played against Liberec three times, so we also build on his experience a bit,” De Decker remarked.

Unlike Liberec, his charges can continue to play in the domestic league. The Czech highest competition is interrupted due to a coronavirus pandemic. “Both the opponents and us are affected by the current circumstances. The current conditions are not ideal for anyone, but we must not and we do not want to hide behind anything. According to the information I have, the course has not been in good condition for three weeks. But I hope that tomorrow everything will be satisfactory, “added the coach.

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