Watch the Indestructible Mercedes G-Class Endure Extreme Tests and Call the Police

Watch the Indestructible Mercedes G-Class Endure Extreme Tests and Call the Police

September 30, 2023, 1:01 p.m editors

The Mercedes G-Class is often said to be an indestructible car. But that depends on the imagination of the one who wants to test its indestructibility. Because a US YouTuber proves that he can be more creative in inventing ways to test durability than anyone in the Mercedes engineering camp could ever imagine. Recently, his G-Class had to endure incredible things, and the car tried to save itself, sending more than 10 emergency notifications to the manufacturer, warning him that something serious was going to happen to it, and finally I also called the police.

The usual tests, such as climbing some extreme offroad routes, even with the risk of overturning, were no longer enough. The car had resisted, even if it had issued notifications and warnings.

This was followed, however, by the pouring of over 6 tons of concrete into the trunk of the car, which ended up compressing its suspension to the maximum. But even so he was able to advance.

It even went through cornfields, and off-road climbs, and the car’s structure, engine, gearbox and axles — all held up.

Even after a huge trampoline jump, the car still remained relatively intact, although its airbags and suspensions jumped.

The car called the Mercedes emergency call center, and the people there told the owner that the car had been sending notifications, over 10 in number, for some time, asking him what was going on.

In the end, the car was left to go downhill empty, like that with the dry concrete in it. And this time the car called the police, as a last chance to save itself.

The police came and stood wide-eyed at what happened, but, since everything takes place on private land, they only have to ascertain the fact.

In the end, the car could only be brought down by the metal shredder at a scrapping center.

See it all in the video below.






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